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Saturday, 02. February 2008

Presentation in Graz

Von blogtheatre, 19:32

Hi everybody!

Also in Graz the first presentation was a big success! It was really amazing ... After the presentation there was a discussion, which has been excellent because there were good inputs also from the audience!

I was astonished that there were so many people, the area was completely full!!! Also some "older" people like my grandfather were there and I had the feeling they were fascinated as well.

I just can say thanks to everybody, it was perfect and I am looking forward to May...

CU, Cami

Tuesday, 29. January 2008

Hungary Blogscout1

Von blogtheatre, 09:54

Hello Everybody!

The Hungarian blog-reading was presented on Saturday afternoon. We were a bit wooried about participation, but our foyer (where we did the reading) was full in the end, with people sitting on the cloacroom-counter and the stairs. It was fun, and people liked it. Huh. Now comes the riting part....

I will upload some pictures and you'll have access to a short extract of the DVD - although it's all in Hungarian :-)

Good luck to all of you with your presentations.




Tuesday, 08. January 2008

First Phase "Search interessting Blogs"

Von blogtheatre, 13:08

The first Phase of this Project has finished successfully. Now all the Blogscouts are working in cooperation with the theatres to choose the blogs for the presentation in the end of the month.

The presentations will take place as following:

26.01.08 Hungary
28.01.08 Poland
29.01.08 Italy/ Sicily
30.01.08 Romania
02.02.08 Italy/Sicily

Next week you will also find the nominated blogs in the Forum.

Have a nice week.

Greetings Victoria

Tuesday, 11. December 2007


Von blogtheatre, 17:09

Hello everybody. I've gone on my research about Ultras movement, extending temporarily the target on footbal enthusiasm and support in general. This momentary change of target, I think, was necessary, because of the hard mediatic attack over all the ultras movement in the last period in Italy.

I found these two blogs: and

Both of them deal with the subject in a light way, stressing the most hidden and enjoyable facets, that other blogs don't discuss.

Friday, 07. December 2007

News from Austria (Cami)

Von blogtheatre, 10:15

Hi everybody!

I still follow the strategy with the friendslists and the blogroll. Last week I looked through the results of a Blogparade. The author was collecting feeds and he offered a list with around 400 german/austrian/swiss blogs. This is an amazing amout! I tried to look them through and I realized that our team already found the best ones. But still it was interesting to find these blogs in a different way we found them before.

The search is getting more difficult, because the topics are getting similar to each other. Lets see what nex week will bring!

Greetings from Graz,


Saturday, 01. December 2007

blogscouting/blogfounding No 5

Von blogtheatre, 16:22
Since two weeks i`m looking just for feminine blogs.
Specially those which are written by women living abroad.

Normally i continue my searching accordingly to the old, checked way: following links, or putting keywords into searching machine

greetings for all

Friday, 23. November 2007

Linda (Cont.)

Von blogtheatre, 14:17


I have been looking in the past two hours for Video blogs in the German speaking area. As I described some days ago, I started my search in YouTube. I continued today with There is a special category in this site named Videoblogging. So I was looking inside this category for videos that have got 5 stars or 4 stars rating and for videos that have got a lot of views and comments. Two of the members who have placed videos there, got my special attention: Rooockroehre, who is a 20 years old girl and Jadakiss1988, who is a 19 years old boy. I'll have to contact them in the next days and see if I can get their permission, to put the links to their videos in our forum.

I continued then with my search in google. Since I am interested to find some (video)blogs in Austria, my key words in my google search were "videoblogging Österreich". I found out Mario's Planet videoblog There was an article written in an Austrian journal "Kurier" where the name of Mario was mentioned. I found this article on following website: As I was able to see is a huge website, where you can find a TV-channel, a Radio-channel, a Blog-channel and a Print-channel.

In the Blog-channel I found then a special blog posting about an article in the German journal "Die Zeit". It's about an international contest "Best of the Blogs" that has been organized this year by Deutsche Welle. There were a lot of categories in this contest. There was also a special category about blogs in different languages. One of the languages was German. As Best Weblog Deutsch was elected In the next days I'll search in the different categories for all the the German/Austrian/Swiss blogs that participated in this contest.

As winner in the category Best Podcast was elected

I'm very happy now because it seems that I have some new very good sources that need to be checked.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 16. November 2007

blogscouting/blogfounding No 4

Von blogtheatre, 13:24
so, so..
soon december..
and blog situation?

authors don`t reply. pity for them. i`m not sure if we can put their blogs on our forum without their agreement?

i still continue my searching following links,  cable labyrinths, dark caves and underground tunnels... it brings not really much..but few blogs for sure which i already published on the web.

we`ll see.`s started snowing...

przez loopke

Thursday, 15. November 2007

Linda (Cont.)

Von blogtheatre, 16:01

Hi everybody!

I've something special to present today. We met last week with our project leaders and we were told to look also for video logs in the german speaking area. Well, the first place to look for videos is youtube. I'm a youtube fan and I'm everyday on this site, so it was quite normal for me to begin there. Firstly I searched with the key words "Österreich", "Austria" and then I began to search with other key words like "Penner" (Engl. Tramp), "Bettler" (Engl. Beggar), "Straßenmusikant" (Street Musician),  "Beichte" (Confession). I found some very interesting results. There were some videos about a Tramp in Graz named Herman who is going aroung in Grießplatz, a piazza in Graz. There were two videos about beggars, which were put together by a young guy in Germany . There was further a youtube user who had put 54 videos in his own youtube channel: I created a new youtube account with the username "blogtheatre" and I contacted pfaffenheini via private message. I decribed to him our project and gave him my e-mail adress. He answered after a few hours. When I was looking at some of the videos, I thought he was a religious man, nothing more than that, especially not a cleric. But he was and is indeed a cleric, living in Wien Penzing (Austria). He has also a miniblog as he called it in his e-mail, which you can find online on

Some of the videos of Pfarrer Christian Sieberer are now in our Austrian forum. Don't miss the opportunity, check them out!


I found also a website called "Beichthaus" (Engl. confession house) where people get together and write anonymously about facts of their lives, entrapped in their consciousness, they just want to get rid of. There are very interesting stories there, the problem is: I haven't still got an answer from the site owner.

Bye, bye!


Tuesday, 13. November 2007

Italian bs#3 - some news

Von blogtheatre, 20:28

According to the initial project idea - to put on scene a sort of representation of the general structure of blogs (without immediate attention at the content, but only at the container) - I started to find something interesting, i guess.

The posts are something like an apartment building: in this way, I found this blog

It seems interesting for the narration inside too: it's not a diary, not a real one. In facts, for what is concerning the "stories", I found much interesting the fake blogs, a sort of interactive and creative literature.
I'm seeking inside


Saturday, 10. November 2007

New one

Von blogtheatre, 13:18

Dear Europeans;)

I found new blogs, which are very interesting, and the authors are from Austria, which ist very important for us, because it is not so easy to find a lot of cool blogs from Austria.Most of them are either from Germany or from that´s the reason more 2b happy:))

I found it at ( austrian blog-search-engine)

best regards, Adnan from Austria (AfA could be my logo:)

Hungary is in! - blogscout2, zsuzsi varady

Von blogtheatre, 12:48
  Hello everyone. After all the administrative complication, finally Hungarian blogscouts are out there to search the Hungarian blogscene. (Check out the Hungarian site for more general information on the blogs and the blogscouts.) We haven't decided yet on which few blogs will be in our focus, so our plan for now is to introduce one or two blogs every week. Here goes the first one.

 One of the popular Hungarian blogs these days is:

 Two Hungarian guys in their early thirties decided to go to London and get famous and rich as a rock band. The blog contains short video films made by them about their adventures in the big city. This is basically a joke. They make fun of some of the Hungarian “stars” who have about the same right or reason to be famous or to be in television as them: nothing. Its also a sarcastic action to make fun of the Hungarian society and the way Hungarians act in a foreign country. So this is partly just acting and a series of fake documentary films, but on the other hand, these two guys are actually there in London, and try to meet people and get somewhere and even though just joking the are making themselves ridiculous as well. So in a way something that is just a gag turns into reality or a new kind of reality. The two characters they play are very lazy, cool, naïve, not to intelligent Hungarian types who just hang around and hope to run into music producers and get famous.

 The commentary on this blog is very intensive. When the first few videos came out, a lot of people thought this was for real and wished them luck or told them to give it up. By now it’s basically obvious that this is fake but the internet “audience” is still divided. One half likes this sense of humor and enjoys all the ridiculous situations these men find themselves in, for instance when they try to convince the English people that the Queen is half Hungarian. Others are nervous and indignant about these two clowns, who make fun of Hungarians, as they believe that Londoners will judge all Hungarians through these two “idiots”.

 An other interesting and international site is a blog for foreigners who are interested in the public life of Hungary which is a center of Hungarian bloglife. This is in English, so check it out:


Friday, 09. November 2007

CE-AR FI DACA - that's romanian for WHAT IF

Von blogtheatre, 14:26

So, if they don't answer to our mails, the blog owners and creators and the reason to all our quest I mean, I think it's because it doesn't bother them if we take their blogs into consideration, or if we put their links on our site, to spread the word (blog). For we are helping here - and the more people get to them, the happier they will be  

Anyways, this will be my excuse

Dan the blogscout and out

Thursday, 08. November 2007


Von blogtheatre, 16:57
Next Entry

The dirty work is over. We narrowed down our list to 30 blogs. From which like 5 in 3 days get replaced by new discovered ones that are better. And we're still waiting for confirmations from some of them. Most of them. Maybe they just can't believe their eyes

We are now focused on details that will make the difference in the end. Which will be in fact, the beginnnnnniiiiiing!

We'll be back with our first proposals. From the list of the 30 who were taught never to retreat, never to surrender

blogscout 2 Italy giuseppe massa

Von blogtheatre, 01:28
 Hello everybody, I’m Giuseppe Massa. My research about ultras movement, started from,  has produced the following results I wanted to share with all of you: it seems to me interesting because it shows how ultras  groups  often belong to political  movements both extreme Right and extreme Left, and so,  how they relate themselves with such a mix of strong ideals(in this blog you’ll find  the following post with all the comments and reflections: I chose just few of them, without their nickname)…

lunedì, 16 luglio 2007,10:24


16 Luglio 2007 - 10:30 -The greatest solidarity to boys belonging to "Padroni di Casa" ( “House Owners”). Apart from the different football faith , I  want to express the most  sincere closeness and the most complete condamn to this kind of actions,  cowardly and distressing action.

 16 Luglio 2007 - 21:32 -The seat was attacked by Reds just to revenge the aggression suffered some weeks ago at “Villa Ada” during the concert of “Banda Bassotti”.
The problem is that all the newspapers and television news talk about it, while nobody mentioned  the  shameful attack to the seat of “Padroni di Casa” (wich is the same of “Fiamma Tricolore”).
Stand up boys! South Curve is with you!


16 Luglio 2007 - 23:58 -Solidarity to "Padroni di Casa"


19 Luglio 2007 - 10:01 -Out politics from our football!don’t give up!!




26 Luglio 2007 - 23:06 -YOU AREN’T ULTRAS . YOU’RE  THE SLAVES OF THE SLAVES OF THE SLAVES OF THE SLAVES OF THE SLAVES ..................................................................OF THE SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!


27 Luglio 2007 - 11:26 -“..of the slaves of the slaves of the slaves.......what the fuck are you saying?? First of all, even if I’m  a Conservative ,  we never brought politics in my ultras group because  A.S. Roma is above everything and then, our unique intention  was to express solidarity to an ultras group, cowardly attacked.


31 Luglio 2007 - 08:57 -PADRONI DI CASA DON’T GIVE UP!!!!! Friends from Udine


01 Agosto 2007 - 09:09 -O.K., their seat is an ultras seat but it is also a seat of a political party. So, in this case, politics and football are mixed....

 P.S. :   they called themselves “House Owners” , but  theirs, were  they able to defend it? So, change their’s a dispassionate advice....!

01 Agosto 2007 - 10:19 -Our stupidity goes too far. Why do you talk about fascist or red aggression , while in our curve there has always been respect and friendship between Left and Right groups??

28 Agosto 2007 - 11:32 -The South (Curve)  has got  a quite different History and dignity. Slaves of owners can be owners of nothing..Solidarity just to the just ( real) ultras!   

31 Agosto 2007 - 16:14 -Better dead that Red, Honor to “Padroni di casa”, infamous communist, when you want, with hidings!

19 Settembre 2007 - 05:25 -We don’t want ticks in South Curve! The greatest solidarity to “Padroni di casa”

03 Ottobre 2007 - 20:29 -I will talk as a romanist ultrà; in my opinion politics, both red and black, is always wrong, groups staying in South must have no political identity, to be a fan of a football team has not to do with politics!! STOP WITH THESE SHITTY  AND INFINITE WARS BETWEEN COMMUNISTS AND FASCISTS!!! THE SOUTH HAS TO BELONG TOROMANS AND ROMANISTS, coming from both social centres or Forza Nuova Circles, EVERYBODY CAN GO, BUT EVERYBODY HAS TO KNOW THAT, AS SOON AS HE GOES IN South, HE HAS TO LEAVE HIS OWN POLITICAL IDEAS OUT! IN SOUTH JUST TO BE A SUPPORTERS OF ROMA AND THAT’S THAT!! So stop with swastikas or other kind of shit!!! GET AWAY POLITICS FROM STADIUMS!!





06 Ottobre 2007 - 14:00 -Romanist, PIG and dirty, shame of the capital city!!

I  finish pointing out the following  address, concerning ultras  subculture  (clothes,  music, ..):;  I want to show, at last, this photo taken by about a very particular choreography made by Genoa’s ultras.



Wednesday, 07. November 2007

blogscouting/blogfounding No 3

Von blogtheatre, 16:27
hi everybody who`s online
my blog searching is going on...nothing really new appeared. i still follow the links which are attached to every blog i`m interesting in. when i get the blind point i start checking in google with some new key words, like for instance:
-anorexia blog
-sex abuse blog
-i cut myself blog

it doesn`t mean that i`m particularly interested in those subjects but sometimes i`m quiet bored of life-stories blogs.

my main problem is that blog authors don`t reply to my requests. so, now for example i`m waiting for at least 10 replies from good blogs..but nothing i get..pitty..
greetings from colder and colder poland

Newbie blogscout (#3) from Italy

Von blogtheatre, 15:51

Hi all,
I'm Andrea from Sicily (Italy ^^).
I just started my blogscouting, and I've already some doubt about the argument.

So, I decided to start from a different point of view: not a topic from a blog, to start then writing drama (you could find any same argument on all other media, it's not really something specific, i mean), but "the" blog as a stand alone argument of a future writing and direction work on stage.

This is the (strange? foolish? hope not!) starting guideline I gave myself. So, I'm looking for blogs speaking of... blogs.

Sorry for my english, and nice to meet you all.


Monday, 05. November 2007

Hello from the Austrian Blog Scout Nr. 4 !!!

Von blogtheatre, 21:15

My name is Wolfgang, I am the last Austrian Blogscout. I am also intensively searching for interesting blogs in the world wide web!

I really like it to work in this team and hope that my colleagues and the “big bosses” from the theatre like the blogs I can find in the internet!

See you soon!

Yours Wolfi

say hello

Von blogtheatre, 21:02

HI to YOU,

My name is Adnan,an Austrian blogscout, who is searching also for interesting blogs.The way I am doing this, is as follows:

I started with the search in Google, by typing different words.and i hoped consequently to find some interesting results = some interesting blogs!!!

 The next step was to search in search engines, for example and others.

The third step was to look at the blogrolls (friends list) of the different bloggers I had found until then.

If someone has a better proposal how to search..please let me know.

Thx and cee ya :)

Friday, 02. November 2007

About the start

Von blogtheatre, 15:52

Hi everybody!

I´m like Linda an Austrian-Blogscout. I started with my search in google with the following keywords:

chaotisch (chaotic),

menschlich (human),

heimat (home),

freiheit (freedome),

verrückt (crazy),..

The results were on the one hand really good, but the most part of it was bad. So I just picked out the better Blogs and tried to look through the friendslist. And then I found really good stuff. I think I will continue with this strategy for a while!

Have a good weekend,